Aquatic Accessories

We carry an assortment of aquarium styles and sizes from goldfish and betta bowls to 75 gallon community environments from manufacturers including Deep Blue and Marineland. We can special order aquariums up to 300 gallons.


Besides aquariums we offer heaters, pumps, filtration systems, and lighting options. To customize your setup we carry a variety of gravels, live and artificial plants, seabed decorations, sandstone rocks, coral, live rock, and backgrounds. For experienced saltwater hobbyists we carry the Seachem Aquavitro line of products, which includes a superior salt and other chemicals.


Most of our supplies are from trusted names such as Hagen, PennPlax, Marineland, Seachem, Instant Ocean, and Aquarium Pharmaceutical.


We offer a full line of aquatic pet food from makers including AquaDine, Ocean Nutrition, OSI, and Tetra. We also carry frozen food from Ocean Nutrition, Hikari, and San Francisco.


To maintain your aquarium we offer products to establish your aquarium such as sea salt and Stress Coat, as well as water test kits to assure your aquarium has a proper chemical balance.


We also stock an array of products for ponds including chemicals, filters, Tetra Pond food, plants, as well as pond koi and pond goldfish.


We provide in store water testing on the water sample you supply.


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