Aquatic Pets


We carry a wide variety of saltwater and freshwater fish ranging from the popular to the exotic.


Our saltwater fish selection includes surgeons, basselets, triggerfish, boxfish, angels, butterflyfish, lionfish, mandarins, squirrelfish, clownfish, damselfish, batfish, wrasses, blennies, sea horses, filefish, gobies, eels, grouper, puffers, and starfish.


We have an assortment of freshwater tropical fish which includes tetras, angelfish, bettas, kissing gouramis, fantail guppies, oscars, mollies, zebra danios, Jack Dempseys, swordtails, platies, plecostomus, rainbow fish, hatchet fish, corydoras catfish, African cichlids, South American cichlids, rasboras, tiger barbs,  clown loaches, goldfish, pond kois, and pond goldfish.


The above lists are meant to express the diversity of fish we carry and can change due to availability.


Don't see what you need in store? We do special orders!