Other Products

Although aquatic pets, coral, and fresh water plants are the only living things we offer, here are other products available in our store:
Dog and cat

Nutro and Science Diet dog and cat food, collars/leads/harnesses, Four Paws slicker brush, Four Paws shed'n blade, nursing bottles for puppies/kittens, Four Paws Wee Wee Pads, Lamber Kay Happy Breath dog dental spray powder, Nylabone chew bones, flea collars, Adams flea and tick spray and shampoo, Four Paws Magic Coat sprays and conditioners, Lambert Kay Boundary indoor/outdoor dog and cat repellant, Simple Solution canine diapers for incontinence, females in heat, excitable urination, and travel. Four Paws Sanitary Pads, Ear-Rite insecticidal ear wash for dogs, and WormX wormer for dogs up to 120 lbs.


Bird seed including Sunseed and Kaytee vitamized seed diet for parakeets, canaries, cockatiels, parrots, and macaws. Quiko powdered multivitamins, Quiko Goldy egg food for insectivores, spray millet, bird gravel, Lafeber's daily diet for cockatiels and parrots, and Kaytee parakeet treats. 


Also accessories such as cage protectors for small/medium/large cages, cuttle bones, mineral blocks, parakeet and cockatiel cage swings, wicker nests, nesting material, and Quell anti-picking spray.

Small animal

Small animal habitats (four sizes of Kritter Keepers durable and washable containers) for housing gerbils, hamsters, tarantulas, hermit crabs, etc. Guinea pig and rabbit pelleted food, alfalfa cubes, Timothy hay, and cedar bedding available as well. Kaytee chew blocks for mouse/rat/hamster, Kaytee hamster/gerbil Forti-diet, and Super Pet 7" run-about ball for hamster/gerbil.


Reptile aquariums, rock heaters, heat lamps, bedding, Reptofilters for frogs, newts, turtles, plus Reptomin food, iguana calcium, and hermit crab food.

Don't see what you need in store? We do special orders!